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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

From: Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 01:59:06 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

--On January 17, 2009 5:41:15 PM -0600 "andrew.wallace" <andrew.wallace@rocketmail.com> wrote: >
> If the enemy creates a human shield, you don't fire into the human
> shield. Israel did.

Yes, you do. The civilians have become legal combatants if you are being fired upon.

Hamas is guilty of so many war crimes it would be impossible to catalog them all.

Now please take this scrum off list.

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