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Re: [Full-disclosure] Fwd: Call for Papers: Cyber Warfare

From: Siim Põder <windo_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Jan 15 2009 - 09:19:27 GMT
To: n3td3v <xploitable@gmail.com>, FULLDISCLOSURE <full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>


n3td3v wrote:
> How can you have a security conference on "cyber warfare" when it
> doesn't exist and has never taken place.

I have heard Kenneth and some of the folks in the organizing organization (the excellence center) talk and I wouldn't expect much from it (but something certanly). They most likely use the term "cyber warfare" to describe large-scale (as in - more than one) coordinated cyber attacks for some kind of political cause, preferably involving some countries official institutions.

As the term "cyber warfare" isn't well defined, it is kind of naive to say it doesn't exist or has never taken place as that statement really wouldn't mean anything specific (hence, wouldnt't mean anything at all for all practical purposes).

The reality is, that political forces are seemingly using cyber attacks to gain their ends (on purpose or by supporting individuals). Wether to call it warfare or something else is a matter of taste. Do you have any other ideas what to call it? Keeping in mind the "large-scale", "coordinated" and "government involvement" bits?

They are worried about stuff we usually don't worry about. Like, what if someone shuts down the ATMs and online banking of all the local banks in a big enough region, beyond repair for a few weeks? There is little commercial interest for anyone to do it (hackers, maffia, college students and the other usual suspects), but in the case of "cyber warfare" (as they would call it) it's just an attack on the infrastructure and may really annoy the people living there (and possibly force them to act against the laws). Especially so, if other attacks also take place at the same time.

Understandably, nothing as bad as that has happened yet, but there is a slight tendency towards this kind of thing (being vague here), making it worthy of attention of the people interested in such things (vague again). I can't really blame them for calling it with a sexy name to be able to request funding for it.


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