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full-disclosure-uk: [Full-disclosure] Another one hit send today

[Full-disclosure] Another one hit send today.

From: Micheal Turner <wh1t3h4t3_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2009 - 10:30:13 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

Another one hit send today, it's all over my inbox. "Idiots on Internet ranting nonsense", "Opinions like assholes, everyone has one"... Damn FD'ers. They're all alike.


I realized something today, in the last few months I have read FD twice, and each time I have left without enlightenment. The daily trollings of n3td3v and flame responses which we have all been guilty of have caused the list to degenerate completely in usefulness. The most interesting posts are often mirrored on other lists such as BugTraq and technical discussion is lately best held on the likes of DailyDave.

I call upon Full-Disclosure to fix up, man up and resolve this problem for good. Ignore n3td3v. Do not reply to his postings. Ignore his replies to your postings. Do not give comment or weight to any arguement or viewpoint that he may hold. This single act of solidarity by all users of FD could (in time) help repair the damage already caused by this single or group of individual(s).

n3td3v can be credited for achieving one thing in the field of computer security. Completely destroying one of the main outlets used by individuals who believe in full disclosure of issues pertaining to computer security. Perhaps this was a deliberate attack or just a mental patient with a day pass out to a cybercafe.

The time for action is now. Let us have our Ides of March this year.

  • prdelka

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