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[Full-disclosure] Postings

From: Ureleet <ureleet_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 14:52:51 GMT
To: "full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk" <full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>

i wrote an email last week that said i will lay off of andrew. i did.  and it seems like the list has torn him apart without me. further echoing the sentiment that i share.

andrew is, in fact, a worthless air sucker..

now, i know that alot of u have me going directly to /dev/null or spam, but 4 those of u that dont.

heres my request:

no 1 respond 2 n3td3v. not now, not ever. ive done my deed in further pointing out how much i h8 him, and it seems like at least 20-30 others have done so as well.

i saw that andrew posted that he was applying 4 mi5. good luck. btw -- when mi5 reviews applications, (of dropouts especially), they tend 2 do a little research. 1 of those steps is to google ur name.

andrew wallace

and they will then realize that andrew wallace, is indeed n3td3v. and u then will not have a job. u will fail.

i also noticed that andrew/n3td3v said that he was leaving the list. again. ...again... but we all know, hell be back in a week or so, if not already.

i ask that u all ignore him. no 1 respond 2 him. i wont, j-f, i hope u dont, biz marquee, i hope u dont. every1, i implore u 2 please ignore him. especially those, like j-f said, who feel that they have 2 point out (like me) what a tool he is because if we dont, then that means we accept it. which is wrong.

andrew i leave u w/ this thought:

i speak for @ least 30 ppl on this list. not every1, (as u undoubtably will point out, like u do in every other fucking thread), and especially all ur aliases such as sexybitch169 or whatever ur name is. we dont like u. we think u have no value. we think that the best thing u can do 4 the community is to leave. we do not value ur opinion. in case u havent noticed, the security community pretty much doesnt value any1s opinion! thats it.

u want 2 b legit? try learning, and not regurgitating. u post nothing of value. we read the same stuff u do. and those of us that havent read it by the time u do, need to step up their game because they r falling woefully behind.

c u in 10 years if u listen 2 me. see u in 3-5 days if u dont.

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