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Re: [Full-disclosure] n3td3v profile...

From: <sexyazngrl69_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 03:35:57 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk, osgo@hotmail.com

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Mr. Krawetz's PhD is in computer science, not psychology. And he is a fucktard.

On Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:59:15 -0500 - o z - <osgo@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Andrew is a special kind of crazy....a friend of mine and former
>colleague who I highly respect (practicing Psych.,
>who profiles individuals for a real doggone intel agency...alas,
>MI-Jive) labeled Andrew as a probable
>schizophrenic with grandiose idealizations.
>These types of people usually can't hold a job. The most active
>period of delusions occur from 17-33, some
>think the drop-off may be due to decreased levels of testosterone
>they age. Intelligence agency intrigue & innuendo is a classic
>manifestation, along with imaginary friends, martyr
>alternate personalities and repeated exclamations that they will
>curtail their
>behaviors, only to come back, roaringly, foisting themselves upon
>group/friend circle with a different guise or mission.
>Some have said it resembles alcoholic behavior in the promises "to
>They constantly need an audience, since 'friends' are temporal at
>best...they churn through relationships like shit
>flowing through a goose...as people become estranged/exasperated
>the constant epiphany's, revelations and
>God-like interpretations.
>Stranger yet is that people like this can be wonderfully charming
>real-life....funny for awhile, but as they age, they
>start losing boyish charms that previously were
>forgiven...promulgating even more outlandish behavior as grow
>Sound familiar? We have a baseline here, folks. Also notice he
>hasn't written anything technical -- it's mostly
>outlandish hypothesis with pointers to..not infosec...but Andrew.
>They usually refuse medications to control themselves, because it
>dulls the essence of what they're trying to portray:
>someone mysterious, withholding critical information, being the
>source of knowledge that might somehow change
>the world.
>IMHO, I would venture to say Andrew has attempted suicide -- his
>is usually unsuccessful, indeed, it's not a suicide
>attempt but an attention-seeking event.
>He's bat-shit-fucking-crazy-nuts, but sane enough to fool someone
>unfamiliar with his MO. That's what is so aggravating about this
>particular form of mental illness...once again, as long as there's
>receptive audience, the monkey will feel the compulsion to
>perform. It's akin to sexual gratification for him to see he's
>subject of people's ire...don't forget that.
>This type of person will emotionally soul-suck everyone he comes
>contact with, and make up dramas if only to suck more
>people in, because really, it's all about the adulation of n3td3v/
>Andrew/????, nothing else.
>Solutions: There's a few, but I wouldn't want to be responsible
>the end result; once again, n3td3v is a human たまごっち
>(Tamagotchi) and should be treated accordingly.
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