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[Full-disclosure] n3td3v profile...

From: - o z - <osgo_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Jan 12 2009 - 01:59:15 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

Andrew is a special kind of crazy....a friend of mine and former colleague who I highly respect (practicing Psych., who profiles individuals for a real doggone intel agency...alas, not MI-Jive) labeled Andrew as a probable
schizophrenic with grandiose idealizations.

These types of people usually can't hold a job. The most active period of delusions occur from 17-33, some think the drop-off may be due to decreased levels of testosterone as they age. Intelligence agency intrigue & innuendo is a classic manifestation, along with imaginary friends, martyr glamorizations, alternate personalities and repeated exclamations that they will curtail their
behaviors, only to come back, roaringly, foisting themselves upon a group/friend circle with a different guise or mission. Some have said it resembles alcoholic behavior in the promises "to quit..."

They constantly need an audience, since 'friends' are temporal at best...they churn through relationships like shit flowing through a goose...as people become estranged/exasperated with the constant epiphany's, revelations and God-like interpretations.

Stranger yet is that people like this can be wonderfully charming in real-life....funny for awhile, but as they age, they start losing boyish charms that previously were forgiven...promulgating even more outlandish behavior as grow older. Sound familiar? We have a baseline here, folks. Also notice he hasn't written anything technical -- it's mostly outlandish hypothesis with pointers to..not infosec...but Andrew.

They usually refuse medications to control themselves, because it dulls the essence of what they're trying to portray: someone mysterious, withholding critical information, being the sole- source of knowledge that might somehow change the world.

IMHO, I would venture to say Andrew has attempted suicide -- his type is usually unsuccessful, indeed, it's not a suicide attempt but an attention-seeking event.

He's bat-shit-fucking-crazy-nuts, but sane enough to fool someone unfamiliar with his MO. That's what is so aggravating about this particular form of mental illness...once again, as long as there's a receptive audience, the monkey will feel the compulsion to perform. It's akin to sexual gratification for him to see he's the subject of people's ire...don't forget that.

This type of person will emotionally soul-suck everyone he comes in contact with, and make up dramas if only to suck more people in, because really, it's all about the adulation of n3td3v/ Andrew/????, nothing else.

Solutions: There's a few, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for the end result; once again, n3td3v is a human たまごっち (Tamagotchi) and should be treated accordingly.

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