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full-disclosure-uk: [Full-disclosure] Why are you against n3td3v

[Full-disclosure] Why are you against n3td3v?

From: andrew.wallace <andrew.wallace_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 16:09:45 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

We're a mailing list of government, business and academia folks pretty much the same as here. We monitor threat reports and give analysis from time to time on what's going on and offer advice to folks. Why would you be against us?

I can't help if Robert Lemos, Neal Krawetz gave false reports about n3td3v, that seems to have damaged us a lot and having to defend my position constantly to a bunch of aliases on full-disclosure because they believed something that was written in the media and had an expectation and when that expectation couldn't be met, they thought I'm a lie and a fake and the members of the n3td3v mailing list can't be real.

I'm on the same side as you as is the members of the n3td3v mailing list. We're good guys like you are so why all this fighting all the time on full-disclosure?

There is a n3td3v group, the mailing list that is on Google Groups--- but not in the way it was reported in the media as being.

I don't know who Gobbles is have no connections to him don't want to be like him or have association with hackers.

It's time this back and forward fighting stopped and we all worked at a common goal to stop the hackers.

I have always been the person to collect intelligence on the hackers and pass them to the authorities, this all started when I was 18 on Yahoo where I got to be friends with many folks involved with protecting Yahoo's security and passed them important intelligence about what was going on.

I moved on from Yahoo and started the Google Group for my own self purpose to read all the mailing lists in one place that I didn't need to keep logging into my email account all the time to read.

Gradually from there I noticed members had started to join, although when I started the group I hadn't thought about members and people joining, it was completely accidental to me that the group started to form, they must of enjoyed the same intelligence I did. That intelligence was open-source intelligence reports from full-disclosure, bugtraq, media website news letters and breaking news alert email services from places such as the BBC.

As i've grown up since I was 18 my interests matured now I hope to get into a proper intelligence agency such as MI5 to continue my work as an intelligencer in a professional capacity.

I'm a good guy not like is being made out to be by some folks on full-disclosure and by Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz. What they said about me was not only damaging to my online presence but was damaging to me in real life as well. This is because I was part of an ethical hacking course where I left to goto and then the report about n3td3v appeared and it made me mad because it made me out to be a hacker that was withholding zero-day and other stuff was written about me.

It made me mad because i'm the opposite of what I was made to look by Neal Krawetz and Robert Lemos, they didn't even contact me for an interview to get my side of the story, it was a one sided malicious report into someone they didn't research into properly before reaching their conclusions.

What i'm saying to you is to back off now not only are you not making any difference to me but you are only ruining the full-disclosure mailing list by the constant back and forward arguing thats going on, because you don't think that n3td3v is real or meet your expectation.

I have recently been looking at people who may be spying in corporations and in government departments as well as monitoring hackers who have been passing on programming knowledge to people such as Akill's social circle of friends who was a bot net herder who is now likely to get work in the secret intelligence service industry. There are still elements of Akill's group that can reform without him being a part of it anymore and that kind of thing has to be monitored by folks.

It's all about getting inbetween the hackers and passing the information to the authorities or leaving the intelligence to be picked up on the wire tap as folks are being spoke with.

n3td3v isn't at the moment a professional intelligence group but will be in the future if and when i'm employed into the British intelligence community if they choose to accept my application form.

n3td3v mailing list group is now a self driven mailing list of threat reports and analysis of what's going on, in the future it may evolve. There are no 'kids' on it, the membership base is of information security amatuers and professionals. The group is open membership so potentially anyone can join, but any spam or horse play will be removed.

I believe in being open as possible about intelligence, of course certain elements of secret intelligence agency's need to be kept secret but I think the future is to be more transparent with the population about what's going on and professional agency's have started to do this especially as far as their recruitment drive is going. Now more than ever they are releasing more information about the workings of their agency's and no longer do people need to wait for a tap on the shoulder to be employed. You can goto their web site and apply for a job https://www.mi5careers.gov.uk/ this is what i'm going to do as well.

My mailing list that I formed doesn't have many active posters on it as the membership base is likely to be intelligencers like me leeching the information that various people post on, like full-disclosure the majority of the list never talk the same happens on n3td3v mailing list group.

If you want to alert our community of something thats going on you can, because the right people are subscribed: government, business and academia.

We may not talk but we are listening.

Intelligencer &
Founder of n3td3v

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