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full-disclosure-uk: [Full-disclosure] Full Disclosure of What ?

[Full-disclosure] Full Disclosure of What ?

From: Gomer Stackseg <faultintolerant_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Jan 11 2009 - 02:24:40 GMT
To: full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk

G'day to the FD list:

Security and vulnerability research ? It would really be of great benefit to turn this list into something more than it currently is. There is a wealth of very intelligent, creative and humourous people who post to this list, and I enjoy what they have to say but there is a lot of repetitive tedium. There is also a wealth of stupidity that shifts the fulcrum from center.

I find the interplay between netdev and ureleet to be a defining element of inanity, misanthropy and sheer waste of bandwidth. Who cares about the pissing between what appears to be two colossal noise generating clowns ? I know this will piss someone off and I'll look forward to the high-end feedback I will receive. I am not _trolling_ but making clear a premise to get back to what this list is about. Maybe there are others who are in the security arena who feel the same, who believe in full disclosure, and are professionals with professional reputations and (significant) contributions to the security and vulnerability research world. Blackhats, Whitehats and Grayhats all have something of great value to contribute when presented in an intelligent environment.

I am mystified by this omnipresent Andrew Wallace / netdev persona. You say you will "go away" (for the betterment of all) then you come right back like a spoiled child. What an infantile personality. I hope you realize that you absolutely foster the whole "living in your mother's basement" scenario. I have always believed strongly that there are certain people who are placed on earth as examples to others of what never to become. This person fills that requirement in a superlative fashion. What an idiot to make statements about working for an intelligence agency in an abysmal effort to inflate his (absence of) self-worth. What a pathetic and delusional psychological profile this presents. Again, this is the play of a little baby in a little baby's world order, where he commands an army of 4500 straw sycophants who are transfixed at his elemental presence.

In any event, I hope that an attitude that fosters learning and intelligent discussion will eclipse the "security cut-and-paste carnival" attitude I see that prevails. Although I see this attenuated when the threats of being sued arose. What an epically funny thread that was !

But in the mean time, please continue to rant about the trivial and cut-and-paste / link current events for us, and speak of "secret intelligence agent" escapades I think there is hope that this will change when people get serious about a profoundly serious topic that affects everyone.

Cheers to all !

Gomer Stackseg

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