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[Full-disclosure] ekoparty 2008 - [First Round of Selection] - [Argentina]

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Date: Tue Aug 12 2008 - 08:32:37 GMT
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ekoparty 4th edition - www.ekoparty.com.ar Information Security | Insecurity Conference. October 2 and 3, 2008
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina

[*] What is the ekoparty?

It's a one of a kind event in South America; an annual security conference held in Buenos Aires where security specialists from all over Latin America (and beyond) have the chance to get involved with state-of-art techniques, vulnerabilities and tools in a relaxed environment the
like of which has not been seen before.

This event was born from the IT underground, where Consultants, Security Officers,
Researchers, Programmers, Technicians, Sys-admins, Geeks, Ninjas, Pirates and technology enthusiasts get together and enjoy two days of the most important security researches of the year - as well as enjoying some of the best weather on the continent. We are really happy of the following announcements!

  • Registration is now open
  • Agenda online
  • Slogan poll
  • First round of speakers selection

[*] Registration is now OPEN

We are glad to announce that the registration to the event is now open! You can sign upfor the 4th edition of ekoparty at http://www.ekoparty.com.ar/en/registracion.html Remember that early registered assistants have a big discount on the price.

If you are comming from outside Buenos Aires we can assist you in all we can for making your travel easier (i.e. find a hotel). Don´t hesitate in contacting us at organizacion [ AT ] ekoparty.com.ar We hope to see you in this year edition :)

[*] Agenda online

The program is now available at http://www.ekoparty.com.ar/en/programa.html It is not the definitive program, we still have to confirm some speakers and events, so it will be updated as it happens. Stay Tuned!.

[*] Slogan poll

Also we taked out the less voted slogans making it easier to decide. There is going to be one last stage where only the top three will be left. It is going to happen soon because we need the t-shirts ASAP so if you are going to vote, do it now!

[*] First Round of Selection

This are the first selections for the 2008 edition: Hacking Has An Economy of Scale //Dave Aitel Debian's OpenSSL random number generator Bug //Luciano Bello - Maximiliano Bertacchini
SAP Security - PenTest It, Secure It! //Mariano Nuñez Di Croce Smartphones (in)security //Nicolas Economou - Alfredo Ortega Code Injection On Virtual Machines //Nicolas Economou In-depth Anti-Forensics //Domingo Montanaro Atacando RSA mediante un nuevo método de factorización de enteros //Hugo Scolnik
Adobe javascript al descubierto //Pablo Solé

For being in touch:

Best regards,
ekoparty security conference staff

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