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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

Re: [Full-disclosure] The war in Palestine

From: Mainbox Notif <rokadeana_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Jan 04 2009 - 22:18:52 GMT
To: "Paul Schmehl" <pschmehl_lists_nada@tx.rr.com>

 Since then they have been giving more and more ground to Palestine (...) [/quote]

It seems that you don' t read the newspapers. Do you really know what is happening there? A fact is that it is the opposite: They (the Israeli) have been giving less and less ground to the Palestine Country.

Do you read the newspapers? Do you see the news on the TV? I was suspecting that you had more brains.....

2009/1/4 Paul Schmehl <pschmehl_lists@tx.rr.com>

> --On January 4, 2009 4:44:57 AM -0600 Mainbox Notif <rokadeana@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> They just want their country back. Thats all.
>> It seems that Israeli want to have more, and more. And more.
>> Israelis build settlements outside the borders of Israel.
>> In History there where made some appointments which part belongs to the
>> Israeli and which to the Palestinian.
>> But it seems that the Israeli want more. Thats are not very thankful, he?
>> Please stay between your own borders!
>> Thats what the Palestinians want.
>> And I can understand them. They have to fight back. I should do the same.
> The Israelis were attacked by all their surrounding neighbors back in the
> 60's and they beat them all. Since then they have been giving more and more
> ground to Palestine, yet the Palestinians continue to attack them. In 2005
> they turned Gaza over to the Palestinians. The thanks they got was
> thousands and thousands of rocket and mortar attacks.
> The Palestinians are *not* fighting back. They are the aggressors. No
> matter how much land Israel gives up, the Palestinians will continue to
> attack them, because their goal is to annihilate the country.
> Please stop acting as if the Palestinians are poor, innocent bystanders
> being attacked for no reason. They are not.
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> and not those of my employer.
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