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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] Infected google.com, y

Re: [Full-disclosure] Infected google.com, yahoo.com and blogspot.com

From: MustLive <mustlive_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 17:30:30 GMT
To: "Jeff Williams" <jeffwillis30@gmail.com>

Hello Jeff!

Happy New Year for you!

I see you liked my letter about infected google.com, yahoo.com and blogspot.com. Feel free to read my articles, both posted and not posted to WASC Mailing List and Full disclosure list.

> Have you ever thought about suicide ?

Thanks for worrying about me. I have never though about suicide and even was not thinking to think about it :-).

I hope you also have no such thoughts. Because writing such not serious letters as yours can lead to risk of such thoughts. So take care of yourself.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

  • Original Message ----- From: Jeff Williams To: MustLive ; full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 11:24 AM Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] Infected google.com, yahoo.com and blogspot.com

  Dear MustDie,

  Have you ever thought about suicide ?

  2009/12/21 MustLive <mustlive@websecurity.com.ua>

    Hello participants of Full-Disclosure.

    Let's talk about infected sites of Google and Yahoo.

    As I wrote yesterday in my post Infected google.com, yahoo.com and     blogspot.com (http://websecurity.com.ua/3786/), web sites of Google and     Yahoo were infected over the last 90 days. All mentioned quotes (from     Google's site) are at state of yesterday (19.12.2009) and you can see     current state of these sites by provided links. Google updates their data     regularly.

    When I found possibility to use Safe Browsing from Google     (http://websecurity.com.ua/3785/) for checking of the sites for     infectiousness, at first I made diagnostic of few popular web sites. And     I've got very interesting results ;-).

    Among the first sites checked by me were google.com, yahoo.com and     blogspot.com, which were found infected over the last 90 days. That     blogspot.com (it's one of domains of Google's service Blogger) was found     infected didn't surprise me, because last year I wrote about that this site     of Google was using for malware spreading (http://websecurity.com.ua/2310/)     (according to data of Sophos), but that google.com itself was infected and     also yahoo.com, it's already a news.


    Best wishes & regards,
    Administrator of Websecurity web site     http://websecurity.com.ua

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