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full-disclosure-uk: Re: [Full-disclosure] Antisec for lulz - exp

Re: [Full-disclosure] Antisec for lulz - exposed (anti-sec.com)

From: Glafkos Charalambous <info_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Jan 02 2010 - 00:38:14 GMT
To: <full-disclosure@lists.grok.org.uk>

Does it really hurt that much? Did you by any change notice any "summer" dates on the exposure?

Don't feed us with your crap anymore kid.. jail shell break? grsec local root exploit? hypocrite!

We had good lulz watching u for months.. trust me.. Even yr post reply shows how much we broke your heart and how pissed off you are.. take it easy bro.. don't take it to the heart..

You have to agree at one part though.. everyone had a good new year LULZ including yr closest friends (we have logs too) :]

ps: You tell us security experts while at the same time you are calling your darkmindz site security experts ?

    You said you only rm -rf security sites while you rm'ed makosolutions with no obvious reason.. you are a big lie and full of crap.. u know that.. everyone else does..

Nothing else to say.. move on with your life and your studies.. "_ATLEAT_" have a happy new year..

With luv,

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Like seriously omg, omfg! =O

You think you really got romeo figured out, exposed, owned and shit?

romeo did not use a proxy, almost everyone i know, knew that romeo is from Saudi Arabia, and yet none of you 'well-funded top notch security experts' (lmao) were able to ever get anywhere near the guy, like omg wtf dude...

oh wow you can has recovery of files, but did you ever figure out how you guys got pwnt in the first place? NO LOL.

tell us mr sec expert, tell us how did asta loose there server and dignity infront of everyone after they saw what kinda shit you guys do on there, better yet, tell us what happened to your OWN server like 10 times in a row, wiped once, wiped twice, wiped thrice, etc. lulz rawr much?

What else did your expert forensic investigation tell you?, other than using recovery tools and strings, do your really think you got any skills in there? doooo eeeet and tell us how the hackers got in -_-

"With the use of sleuthkit in our investication we validated the
existance of the hax directory and the ll.tar file on /dev/sdb2"


k, very cool story, bro.. very cool story, now i am talking from a completely viewer perspective here, do not count me in any sides or anything, but from what i can see, the kid got your shit owned last summer in his summer break being bored and shit, took you the bunch of well-funded, top notch, awesome security experts all year long to come up with this.. the audience requests more!, get romeo behind bars and let the world see it or atleast, ATLEAT figure out how the dude got into your servers, that should be a whole lot of help to the security industry right? should not be hard really, you got his intel figured out, you got a whole connection between 'romeo' and 'Faisal Hourani', a good list of dynamic IP's from a Saudi Arabian ISP, do it already and take down anti-sec for lyfe!

eh, good luck and everything with the destruction etc etc, but let me remind you:

"The reason that we decided to start looking into this subject, was
to see how and why my dedicated hosting
server was compromised despite the fact that it was secure enough to provide access to the outside world."

....10,000 lines later, a year and loads of experts behind your back and you still cant figure out the 'how' :]

Much Love,

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