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focus-ids: Re: IDS vs Application Proxy Firewal

Re: IDS vs Application Proxy Firewal

From: Stefano Zanero <s.zanero_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 16:07:03 GMT
To: Ashish Kamra <>

Ashish Kamra wrote:
> My two cents on this issue as a Phd student working on an AD system for
> a DBMS (who just wants get his Phd at the moment and not get into a
> debate :-)).

If you want to get your PhD, then debating is quite important :D

> I was at the Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection Conference (RAID
> 2008) recently where one of the topics for a panel discussion was "Life
> after antivirus". The main take-away from the discussion was that even
> top anti-virus companies are looking at whitelisting approaches to
> augment the existing blacklists in order to win the battle against ever
> increasing malware variants.

Whitelisting is a good approach to execution authorization and for fighting malware, this is quite well recognized I'd say. Intrusion detection is a completely different beast though (and it seems quite peculiar that at RAID this wasn't noted).


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