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focus-ids: Re: IDS testing. Libs for packet capture.

Re: IDS testing. Libs for packet capture.

From: <Skyler.Bingham_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Dec 03 2008 - 20:39:29 GMT

Have you looked at tcpreplay? It allows you to playback libpcap packet capture files in real-time (among other things).

Skyler Bingham
(602) 957-1650 x1139 "Александр Сайко" <saiko.a.s@gmail. com> To Sent by: listbounce@securi cc Subject IDS testing. Libs for packet 12/02/2008 04:18 capture. PM


I have been working in IDS testing. Now I'm focused on testing network modules, like Snort, netstat, ect. I search for a tools to play traffic from tcpdumps. Is anyone in the group working on something like that? The idea is to develop some libpcap-like lib for playing tcpdumps. The question is: had it been already done? Are there any other common libs for packet captureing used in common IDSs?

Saiko Alexander

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