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fedora-users: Re: Sandisk USB stick with U3

Re: Sandisk USB stick with U3

From: Suvayu Ali <fatkasuvayu+linux_at_nospam>
Date: Sun Mar 14 2010 - 23:44:48 GMT
To: users@lists.fedoraproject.org

On 14/03/10 11:37 AM, Mick M. wrote:
> Hello;
> I had a friend come over with a USB stick.
> I had put Mint linux on his laptop, and now he could not write to the stick.
> I realized it was a Sandisk with their stupid U3.exe stuff on it.
> I went through this last year and used a Windows program to remove the U3 stuff and reformat it.
> Is there any way to do this in Linux?

Look at the thread "Remooving U3 from USB drive." from last week of
April 2009. I think this was discussed there.

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