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fedora-users: Directory permissions

Directory permissions

From: Steve Searle <steve_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Mar 12 2010 - 21:05:22 GMT
To: fedora@capercaillie.stevesearle.com

Can anyone help me with this setup.

User champs is a member of the webeditors group. I want the users in
this group to be able to create files in a certain directory, and have
tried to set it correctly, but obviously haven't. Can anyone point out
where I have gone wrong.

(champs@gadwall:~)$ groups champs
champs : champs webeditors
(champs@gadwall:~)$ ls -lhd /var/www/lamprey/champs
drwxrwsr-t 2 steve webeditors 4.0K Mar 12 20:42 /var/www/lamprey/champs
(champs@gadwall:~)$ touch /var/www/lamprey/champs/steve
touch: cannot touch `/var/www/lamprey/champs/steve': Permission denied



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