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fedora-selinux: .autorelabel on mounted filesystems

.autorelabel on mounted filesystems

From: Daniel B. Thurman <dant_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 06:12:41 GMT
To: Fedora SELinux Users <selinux@lists.fedoraproject.org>

I have several versions of root distro partitions of which I do
mount via fstab, but of course only one / and /boot partition
is to be defined for the version to be booted.

What I would like to know is, if I do an /.autorelabel,
for one boot/root partition, does this mean that every
mounted filesystem that appears in /etc/fstab also gets
relabeled? If so, this is not what I want especially if
other root distro partitions are being mounted for example,
say: /md/{distro1, distro2, ...}

So, How do I get around this? I could comment out
all entries in /etc/fstab except / and /boot (plus the
required entries), touch /.autorelabel, reboot, and once
relabeling is completed, then add back in the commented
out fstab entries, then issue a mount -a. Could I add an option
entry say: NO_RELABEL to certain fstab entries?

Since I was introduced to the /media since F9, I never could
figure out how to add mounted "media" filesystems, which
is why I added them instead to fstab.

How do I solve this issue?

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