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fedora-selinux: Re: sandbox: firefox

Re: sandbox: firefox

From: Christoph A. <casmls_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Aug 18 2010 - 20:05:43 GMT
To: selinux@lists.fedoraproject.org

On 08/16/2010 01:04 PM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> It might be a problem interacting with Xephyr?
> One idea would be to run in permissive mode and see if everything works
> properly? If they do then it might be a denial against the X Server
> that is causing your problem. If not, then it is probably Xephyr/X Setup.
> You could run something like
> sandbox -X -t sandbox_web_t -W metacity xterm
> Then run firefox withing the xterm and see if it complains about anything.

I changed my settings and start firefox with the following command:
sandbox -X -t sandbox_web_t -W metacity xterm -e firefox

since using metacity I didn't encounter the mentioned problems, but I
will observe it for some more time.

thank you so far,

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