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engarde-users: Re: Re[4]: More improvents :)

Re: Re[4]: More improvents :)

From: Ryan W. Maple <ryan_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 06:39:48 GMT
To: "Ryan W. Maple" <engarde-users@engardelinux.org>

> RWM> I'd debate that. I've been running 2.4.6-ac2 now for a few weeks and it's
> RWM> wonderful.
> Well, maybe - in your case you can do it, and as "toy" I play with
> these kernels too. But lets ask in some group of professional cool
> admins - "Do you use 4.x kernels on _production quality_ servers or
> will do it in _nearest_ future?" and I'm sure - you'll get the same
> answers - "We are not so crazy :-), we'll wait until 'experiments' will
> be stopped...". I know a lot of companies, a lot of linuxes, and only
> at "home servers" I found 2.4.x... Read Changelog, at last - I want
> use kernels, in changelog to which I see only _small bugfixes, and not
> a _looong list of new "improvements".

I track the kernel changes very closely. Anybody who knows me will say I was the biggest anti-2.4 person on the face of the planet up until 2.4.6 came out. I think 2.4.7 took a small step backwards but I feel very confident that the 2.4 situation will level out by the time we release 2.0.

> RWM> That's not as easy as it sounds since they're all on the same interface.
> RWM> Something like MRTG will give you _overall_ throughput but will not
> RWM> differentiate between hosts, even if they're on their own virtual
> RWM> interfaces.
> It's really easy - I have and I can (I hope) use certain amount
> f tools for accounting with flow visualization, all use paradigm
> "ipaccounting over ipchains rules"

That's true. Using ipchains accounting never really occured to me. Send me a real quick HOWTO and I'll most definately investigate it (it would be greatly appreciated and would save me implementation time ;)).

> RWM> All tzset is the symlink; that's a no-brainer that I could do in ten
> RWM> minutes.
> Or even faster :-) - but it'll work, and "no-brainer or not" is _next_
> question in _my_ priority list. If something _must_ work, it will be
> work, and _how_ I done it is my internal task - write "c00l T00lz",
> using C - or small utilities in shell-gawk-perl

You are definately our most vocal international user and your input is well-taken. Anything you would like to contibuted in the way of internationalization will be welcomed with open arms. I freely admit that I do not really know the first thing about it as I've been a US citizen my entire life.


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