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engarde-users: [EnGarde] Re-partitioning your EnGarde system

[EnGarde] Re-partitioning your EnGarde system

From: Marcus Redivo <mredivo_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 02:30:43 GMT
To: "Engarde-Users" <engarde-users@linuxsecurity.com>

In the past, I have seen some re-partitioning questions go by on this list.

As I have just gone through a very similar process and wanted to document what I did, I thought I might as well do a slightly better write-up and post it on my web site.

So for anyone who wants to re-partition EnGarde, add new drives to their configuration, etc. here it is:


If you have any comments to add or corrections to make, please send them to me for inclusion.

Marcus Redivo

The Binary Tool Foundry

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