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engarde-users: [EnGarde] Software Raid Install ESP 1.5 (Was ESP

[EnGarde] Software Raid Install ESP 1.5 (Was ESP 1.5 Ethernet driver unresolved symbols.)

From: Daniel Thompson <danht_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Mar 22 2003 - 17:07:49 GMT
To: <engarde-users@engardelinux.org>

Ok, The last post was just a symptom of a larger issue. I'm doing a fresh install of ESP 1.5 (the one I purchased back in January).

I'm installing it on a machine with a (disabled FastTrak100 raid controller that now works as) a standard ide controller. I'm passing the ide2=xxx,xxx,xx ide3=xxx,xxx,xx parms from lilo when I boot the install cd so it correctly sees the ide interfaces during the install.

I'm able to do a normal install up until a point. I select manual partitioning since I want to do raid 1. The install sees that I have two disks and asks me if I want raid 1. I answer yes and proceed to create partitions. The install creates a /boot partition on md0.

I manually create partitions using the same logic as the automatic partitioning as outlined in the ESP Manual. I created a / on md1, /home on md2, and /var on md3 leaving 256mb for a swap.

Here is where the problems start.

The install won't let me create a swap partition. It says something to the effect of not allowed to create any more partitions. My only option is to continue with the installation I have no way of changing on the md or non-md partitions or creating an md or non-md swap. I need to be able to create a swap.

Then I also noticed the modules.conf is being written incorrectly during the install.
It generates the following line : scsi_hostadapter eepro100 !! That right its putting in the Ethernet driver as being the scsi driver and I'm not even using scsi!

Also later on in the install process it reports that its comparing eepro100 modules to a bunch of various scsi drivers!! Why, I don't know.

Later on after I complete the install and I reboot I get the driver unresolved symbols when the eepro100 module try's to load.

I've tried correcting the modules.conf during install but it don't take.

Please I have spent a lot of time and money here. I still need to get raid working. I can't use the promise FastTrak drivers with ESP (I can with ESL fine though) and I can't get native Linux software raid to work either. If it wasn't for the fact I need the some of the additional features the ESP I would just stuck with ESL, since I have had less problems getting it to work with FastTrak ide raid.

Thanks for listening.


  • Original Message ----- Subject: [EnGarde] ESP 1.5 Ethernet driver unresolved symbols.

> Hi,
> Does anyone else have a problem with unresolved symbols in the driver
> modules for onboard Intel 82559 Ethernet in ESP 1.5? I'm doing a fresh
> install from the ESP 1.5 disk. After I'm done installing and reboot I'm
> getting errors with unresolved symbols in the eepro100.o module and the
> driver does not load.
> I'm at work right now so I fuzzy on what the module name was, but I think
> was eepro100.o
> -Daniel
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