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engarde-users: [EnGarde] Questions in regard Email server setup/

[EnGarde] Questions in regard Email server setup/email retrieval

From: Rob Grant <onlinegaming_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 15:15:06 GMT
To: <engarde-users@engardelinux.org>

Hi everyone.

After the help last time I've managed to bring up the HTTP portion of the site without issue. I've used the Engard-User archive to resolve almost all my other issues:

  • chown users to web directory instead of their user directory
  • setting up ftp to allow users to upload files accessible to others
  • solving the "mail rejected" due to unknown host problems (dns resolution issues)

Mail services are now up and accepting email, but I still have a couple problems.

  1. I cannot connect to the lockbox to retrieve my email
  2. outgoing mail is being rejected by my ISP

THE SETUP: My lockbox is sitting behind a Smoothwall (smoothwall.org) firewall. My lockbox does not have the DNS or Dev packages installed. All my dns is being handled my dyndns.org (maintained by my smoothwall).

I've set up port forwarding on the firewall so that mail can bypass my ISP's block on port 25. I can see in the mail directory that the postmaster has received my test messages sent by outlook, and has received mail that I've pushed from other sources. So I know that the mail server is receiving messages.

  1. cannot retrieve mail

When I attempt to connect to the lockbox mail server, there is no response. Following Outlook's messages, I can see that it finds the server, but then on the authenticating step it hangs, then dies. The error message reported is:

Task 'home - Receiving' reported error (ox800CCC0f) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

This lead me to believe that possibly my ISP is stopping me from connecting to any SMTP server outside their own.

My first step was to change the SMTP port number and set up port forwarding on my firewall to redirect it to 110 on the lockbox. This too failed with the same result (removing the firewall rule would see the high level port being dropped).

So, I then reset the port back to standard in Outlook, and added a host entry in my hosts file pointing the local LAN machines to the mail server's internal DMZ address bypassing the need to access the internet. The error message was the same (all local LAN machines have full access to the DMZ).

When I use the same account settings (postmaster's userid plus password) I am able to FTP into the box, so I know the postmaster's account is fine, however I still cannot retrieve email from his account.

My guess is that the lockbox is terminating the connection, although I'm not sure why. I was trying to find some kind of log on the unix box that might show attempted connections to the mail server, but was unsuccessful. If one exists, I'd love to know. I'm also wondering if my changing of the user's root address to that of the website they manage might have caused any issues. I wouldn't think so since mail sits in the /var/mail directory anyway), but I am not a unix/postfix guru.

2) my isp is not accepting mail

Looking through the mail.log file I can see that my lockbox is attempting to send reports out to the internet, however, my ISP is blocking this action:

Connect to toip2.isp.net[x.x.x.x]: "server refused mail service (port 25)"

Currently the options under the "Mail Server Management" page had "Delivery Directly" selected for "Send Outgoing Mail Via Host". I've just switched this over to other option naming the ISP's SMTP server as the host to contact to send mail through. My guess is that this will work since the ISP will see this as another mail application (like outlook) trying to send mail
- after all, it doesn't know was sits on my end of the network - but won't
know for certain until the daily reports run again.

Am I correct in this assumption?

Thanks everyone. I must say this is a pretty slick product. I've been my own worst enemy with my limited Unix knowledge, but things are coming back to me the more I play with the server. Updating the lockbox with the latest upgrades/patches through the GDSN after I registered the box was a really nice feature. Smooth as silk in updating! That service may be one I keep after the trial.

Thanks again for the assistance!


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