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engarde-users: [EnGarde] Re: New user - MySQL database question

[EnGarde] Re: New user - MySQL database question

From: Online Gaming <onlinegaming_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 04:45:02 GMT
To: <engarde-users@engardelinux.org>

Hi Paul

My domain name does indeed have a hyphen in it :) I'll create a new non-hyphenated database by hand. To be honest, I'm sitting here red = faced
right now wondering why I just didn't do that when I first recognized = the
problem. I suspect I was too hung up on the automation of it all and = felt
that I was missing something...

Ah well, live and learn as they say!

Thanks to everyone for the fast replies.


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You may have failed to tell the system to create a database when you = created
the virtual server. Or, if your domain name has a hyphen (-) in it for = some
reason MySQL fails to create the database.

In either case, your domain probably doesn't exist.

Log back into MySQL but login as root and use the Web Tool password, = that
usually works.

Show databases again, or for that matter just go ahead and create the database you need.

The mysql database you saw contains all the login info, permissions and attributes associated with databases.

More help once you're logged in as God: http://www.mysql.com/

Hope that helps.


Paul Rochford
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-----Original Message----- From: engarde-users-bounce@engardelinux.org [mailto:engarde-users-bounce@engardelinux.org] On Behalf Of Online = Gaming Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 7:46 PM To: engarde-users@engardelinux.org Subject: [EnGarde] New user - MySQL database question Hi everyone. I stumbled across the Guardian Digital site looking for an "all-in-one" solution so I could bring my own sites home. I am not a "server guru" = by any stretch of the means, but am familiar with databases and web site building etc. I have installed the application and I have virtual servers running and serving pages. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to connect to = my MySQL databases. The biggest problem is that I have no idea what the database name is (how could the people writing the manual overlook = something so simple as telling us how the application set the database name?). Anyway, I sifted through all the archived information on the community = site, and saw that someone mentioned that the name was the same as the website name only with "_" substituted for "."s (www.my-site.com creates the database www_my-site_com) but when I tried that method it failed to = connect returning the error that the database was not available. I eventually = wrote a simple script to connect to mysql using the website's user/password = (this worked fine) and then had MySQL list all the databases it had available. = The only database returned was named "mysql" - which I cannot connect to = with the website's admin/password as they do not have the rights to the = "mysql" database. I have a feeling, however, that a database named "mysql" is a little too generic for a server that I plan to have hosting several databases. I have spent the better part of today fumbling over this, I am generally = the type of person who doesn't mind hammering away at a problem by reading = the documentation and "googling" things, but I'm at my wits end with this = one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks it advance! Rob ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To unsubscribe email engarde-users-request@engardelinux.org with "unsubscribe" in the subject of the message. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To unsubscribe email engarde-users-request@engardelinux.org with "unsubscribe" in the subject of the message. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To unsubscribe email engarde-users-request@engardelinux.org with "unsubscribe" in the subject of the message.