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drbd-user: Re: [DRBD-user] Init scripts in 8.3.7

Re: [DRBD-user] Init scripts in 8.3.7

From: Joseph L. Casale <jcasale_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Mar 12 2010 - 15:57:40 GMT
To: "drbd-user@lists.linbit.com" <drbd-user@lists.linbit.com>

>Why would cman provide "local" fs?

It doesn't, but drbd's init script having that causes it to load after
cman, removing that requirement lets me force it to "20" while cman is

>Anyways, all that matters is that
>both the start order,
>and the stop order,
>are correct.
>So if the result of that modification works for you, go for it.

Great, thanks for the confirmation.

Ps. Sorry, forgot to adjust the reply-to :)
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