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drbd-user: Re: [DRBD-user] fence-peer helper broken, returned 0

Re: [DRBD-user] fence-peer helper broken, returned 0

From: Cristian Mammoli - Apra Sistemi <c.mammoli_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2010 - 14:46:00 GMT
To: drbd-user@lists.linbit.com

Mikkel Raakilde Jakobsen wrote:
> Hi,
> We have the following setup:
> Two physical servers installed with DRBD 8.3.2 and Heartbeat 2.1.3 on
> CentOS 5.4. Everything installed via official RPM packages in CentOS'
> repositories.
> They have two bonded direct links between them for DRBD replication, and
> two other bonded links for all other traffic (management, iSCSI etc.)

drbd 8.3.2 from the extras repository is broken.
From: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/drbd/announce/18116

If you are using dopd/drbd-peer-outdater and you are currently running
on drbd-8.3.2 you need to upgrade to 8.3.3 (due to bug 241).

Also the email notification scripts are affected by bug 241. If
you are using them, please upgrade to 8.3.3.


The extras repo is actually crap, I switched to official sources/rpm for
both drbd and/pacemaker
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