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drbd-user: [DRBD-user] drbd master to slave synchronisation und

[DRBD-user] drbd master to slave synchronisation under heartbeat

From: avn <avn_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Mar 08 2010 - 17:22:31 GMT
To: drbd-user@lists.linbit.com

I tried to find a solution to my problem, but cannot find one either in the
forum or google.
I have 2 sets of 2 boxes each set in HA setup. One set is heartbeat 2.14
with drbd 8.2.7, the other heartbeat 3.0.2-rc2, pacemaker 1.0.7 and drbd
8.3.7. Both sets are gentoo 2.6.26 each box with drbd on top of raid1, box
in sets interconnected by exclusive use gigabit nic. Both sets have the same
config files:
global {
    usage-count no;
common {
  syncer { rate 100M; }
resource r0 {
  protocol C;
  handlers {
    pri-on-incon-degr "echo o > /proc/sysrq-trigger ; reboot -f";
    pri-lost-after-sb "echo o > /proc/sysrq-trigger ; reboot -f";
    local-io-error "echo o > /proc/sysrq-trigger ; reboot -f";
    outdate-peer "/usr/lib/heartbeat/drbd-peer-outdater -t 5";
  startup {
    degr-wfc-timeout 120; # 2 minutes.
  disk {
    on-io-error pass_on;
     fencing resource-only;
  net {
     sndbuf-size 512k;
     timeout 60; # 6 seconds (unit = 0.1 seconds)
     connect-int 10; # 10 seconds (unit = 1 second)
     ping-int 10; # 10 seconds (unit = 1 second)
     ping-timeout 80; # 500 ms (unit = 0.1 seconds)
     max-buffers 2048;
     max-epoch-size 2048;
     ko-count 4;
     cram-hmac-alg "md5";
     shared-secret "somesecret";
     after-sb-0pri discard-younger-primary;
     after-sb-1pri violently-as0p;
     after-sb-2pri violently-as0p;
     rr-conflict call-pri-lost;
  syncer {
    rate 100M;
    al-extents 257;
  on lbl1 {
    device /dev/drbd0;
    disk /dev/md3;
    meta-disk internal;
  on lbl2 {
    device /dev/drbd0;
    disk /dev/md3;
    meta-disk internal;

Now when something happened, like me doing a wrong config of a service in
heartbeat which makes the slave becoming master, or when master is powered
of unclean I bump into the following.
Some files in the new master are old versions (some time 1 month old), not
necessary in order of modifications (modified file 1 on 1st day, 2nd on
second, etc, 1 and 3 and 4 and 6 are ok, 2 and 5 old version). Before
plugging off the master I verified that status was Primary/secondary and
Uptodate aon master and Sec/primary also uptodate on slave. Nothing in logs.
This happen on both sets.
So I think I have a mistake somewhere, or I am not using the drbd right.

Any ideea?

Andrei Neagu
AVN Management
Bucharest, Romania
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