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[SECURITY] [DSA 1985-1] New sendmail packages fix SSL certificate verification weaknessGiuseppe Iuculano31 Jan 2010
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1983-1] New Wireshark packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff31 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1841-2] New git-core packages fix build failureThijs Kinkhorst31 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1984-1] New libxerces2-java packages fix denial of serviceGiuseppe Iuculano30 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1982-1] New hybserv packages fix denial of serviceSteffen Joeris29 Jan 2010
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1968-2] New pdns-recursor packages fix cache poisoningFlorian Weimer28 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1981-2] New maildrop packages fix regressionSteffen Joeris28 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1981-1] New maildrop packages fix privilege escalationSteffen Joeris28 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1980-1] New ircd-hybrid/ircd-ratbox packages fix arbitrary code executionSteffen Joeris27 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1979-1] New lintian packages fix multiple vulnerabilitiesRaphael Geissert27 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1978-1] New phpgroupware packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff26 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1977-1] New python packages fix several vulnerabilitiesGiuseppe Iuculano25 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1976-1] New dokuwiki packages fix several vulnerabilitiesGiuseppe Iuculano22 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1972-2] New audiofile packages fix buffer overflowStefan Fritsch21 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1975-1] Security Support for Debian 4.0 to be discontinued on February 15thStefan Fritsch20 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1974-1] New gzip packages fix arbitrary code executionSteffen Joeris20 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1973-1] New glibc packages fix information disclosureAurelien Jarno19 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1972-1] New audiofile packages fix buffer overflowStefan Fritsch17 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1971-1] New libthai packages fix arbitrary code executionGiuseppe Iuculano15 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1970-1] New openssl packages fix denial of serviceStefan Fritsch13 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1969-1] New krb5 packages fix denial of serviceGiuseppe Iuculano12 Jan 2010
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1968-1] New pdns-recursor packages fix potential code executionFlorian Weimer08 Jan 2010
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1967-1] New transmission packages fix directory traversalMoritz Muehlenhoff07 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA 1966-1] New horde3 packages fix cross-site scriptingSteffen Joeris07 Jan 2010
[SECURITY] [DSA-1965-1] New phpldapadmin packages fix remote file inclusionGiuseppe Iuculano06 Jan 2010