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SubjectAuthor Date
[SECURITY] [DSA 1661-1] New packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMartin Schulze29 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1660-1] New clamav packages fix denial of serviceFlorian Weimer26 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1659-1] New libspf2 packages fix potential remote code executionFlorian Weimer23 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1658-1] New dbus packages fix denial of serviceThijs Kinkhorst22 Oct 2008
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1657-1] New qemu packages fix denial of serviceSteve Kemp20 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1656-1] New cupsys packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff20 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1655-1] New Linux 2.6.24 packages fix several vulnerabilitiesdann frazier17 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1654-1] New libxml2 packages fix execution of arbitrary codeSteve Kemp14 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1653-1] New Linux 2.6.18 packages fix several vulnerabilitiesdann frazier13 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1652-1] New ruby1.9 packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff12 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1651-1] New ruby1.8 packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff12 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1650-1] New openldap2.3 packags fix denial of serviceMoritz Muehlenhoff12 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1646-2] New squid packages fix array bounds checkDevin Carraway11 Oct 2008
[Full-disclosure] [SECURITY] [DSA 1649-1] New iceweasel packages fix several vulnerabilitiesMoritz Muehlenhoff08 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1648-1] New mon packages fix insecure temporary filesThijs Kinkhorst08 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1647-1] New php5 packages fix several vulnerabilitiesThijs Kinkhorst07 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA-1646-1] New squid packages fix array bounds checkDevin Carraway07 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA-1645-1] New lighttpd packages fix various problemsSteve Kemp06 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA-1644-1] New mplayer packages fix integer overflowsDevin Carraway05 Oct 2008
[SECURITY] [DSA 1643-1] New feta packages fix denial of serviceMoritz Muehlenhoff05 Oct 2008