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clamav-users: Re: [Clamav-users] Memory usage for clamd is huge

Re: [Clamav-users] Memory usage for clamd is huge

From: Joe Sloan <joe_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 02:41:28 GMT

Jason Haar wrote:
> wrote:
>> P0f maybe? Although with my experience it has never been that accurate >> and is easy to fool if one so desires. >>
> We're using p0f integrated into Qmail-Scanner to track what OS is
> associated with incoming SMTP connections.
> Just to add some 'facts' to this discussion, so far this week the
> following percentages are seen (for our mail servers) as being
> responsible for malware/spam
> 84% Windows
> 13% Linux
> 3% the rest
> So Linux systems can send viruses and spam - but these will be 0wned Web
> servers - not workstations...

Indeed, that is the case, although the subject as I understood it was viruses. Under the larger general heading of malware, though, there are certainly a lot of unix and other types of systems involved.


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