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[Clamav-users] General Discussion on malware, spam, and (thanks for all the) phish ; WAS Re: Memory usage for clamd is huge

From: Randal Hicks <rhicks41_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 00:54:44 GMT
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Hi all,

Just changing the subject to reflect the interesting discussion that we have veered onto...

Jason, thanks for the statistics; I'm curious what other people are seeing.

The nomenclature used (viruses, quarantine etc.) reflects (IMHO) the mindset that we should have.
We have signatures for a reason: because the viruses continue to exist in the wild and there is
always a risk that our systems can become infected due to negligence or ill intent AND/OR that
our systems can become unwitting carriers.

Everyone knows the risk of unprotected sex, and yet still people persist. If people are that carefree
in the brick and mortar, then what hope do we have in the binary? Let's just focus on our own
spheres of influence... and share what we /know/ to help others in their endeavors.

Would anyone else care to share their statistics or how they are protecting themselves (and
thereby others)? Not just mail, but other vectors as well. Maybe an experience you had where
you learned a lot would be particularly helpful to the group?

)))back to practicing silence(((

               R a n d a l


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