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clamav-users: [Clamav-users] CHROOTED clamdscan scans inside and

[Clamav-users] CHROOTED clamdscan scans inside and outside the jail (LSTAT, CHROOTUID, BIND MOUNT, FILENOTFOUND)

From: Éliás Tamás <elias.tamas_at_nospam>
Date: Sat Feb 02 2008 - 11:22:40 GMT

Udv / Greetings!

To react on my own post:

I've found a "solution". It's a workaround only:

I've created the /jails/apache2-portal/web/ direcotry inside the jail, and a ../../../web/tmp symlink inside. So the real path would looklike:
/jails/apache2-portal/jails/apache2-portal/web/tmp will be the same es
/jails/apache2-portal/web/tmp looking inside the jail. This way
clamdscan can find all the path it would like, I need to only put the jail's path before the file to be scanned.

hope this helps someone. -- Éliás Tamás / Thomas Elias *NIX System administrator, Certified Cisco Network Engineer, Pascal/Bash/C++ programmer, Certified IBM UDB DB2 Database Administrator mailto: Tel.: +3630/4971626 ; ICQ UIN: 206-714-459 ; SKYPE: "elias.tamas" OpenPGP public key: Quote: "Too many people making too many problems!"

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