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amavis-user: [AMaViS-user] Some questions about quarantining wit

[AMaViS-user] Some questions about quarantining with 'sql:'

From: Zhang Huangbin <zhbmaillistonly_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Sep 29 2010 - 08:43:59 GMT

Hi, @list.

I've some questions about quarantining with $spam_quarantine_method='sql:':

- Is it possible to DELETE quarantined mails via port 9998?
  I saw 'request=release' in README.protocol, but DELETE is not mentioned.

- What operations do we need after releasing? e.g.
  + Update database to set msgs.content='C' instead of 'Q'. Seems 'amavisd-release' doesn't update it.
  + Delete mails in table 'quarantine' if necessary.

- Which method of $spam_quarantine_method is better for management, disk IO, database performance?
  Quarantined into local file system ('local:xxx') or stored in SQL database ('sql:')?

Thanks very much. :)
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