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amavis-user: [AMaViS-user] final_spam_destiny with sql

[AMaViS-user] final_spam_destiny with sql

From: Sébastien AVELINE <saveline_at_nospam>
Date: Mon Sep 27 2010 - 09:35:43 GMT
To: Amavisd-new <>


I would like to have different final_spam_destiny by using sql lookup
(we try to setup a spam_destiny per user policy)
Actually, I've tried to add a final_spam_destiny column in my policy
table and it doesn't work, and I like to know if I had to change amavisd
code or if there is a trick to do that. Do I need to use spam_lovers
column in order to achieve that.

Thank you.

Sebastien AVELINE.

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