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amavis-user: [AMaViS-user] Amavis not considering whitelist when

[AMaViS-user] Amavis not considering whitelist when processing bounce killer

From: Andy Dills <andy_at_nospam>
Date: Thu Jun 17 2010 - 17:44:16 GMT

So, I have an interesting situation.

A customer is posting to a mailing list...thus sending to one address,
which is different to the Return-Path on emails coming from that list.

This is triggering the bounce killer on his post, when it comes back to
him. So, he will get all emails on the list...except for emails he posted,
leaving him confused if his message made it out.

Perhaps I misunderstand something, or there is something I have
misconfigured, but this would seem to be a fundemental issue.

We tried whitelisting the list's Return-Path for that user (standard
operating procedure when a customer complains about not getting list
email), but it's being ignored by the bounce killer.



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