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amavis-user: Re: [AMaViS-user] amavis and spamassassina autolear

Re: [AMaViS-user] amavis and spamassassina autolearn

From: Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+amavis_at_nospam>
Date: Wed Jun 16 2010 - 13:50:20 GMT

> > > Besides, is there any specific reason why you use spamd with amavis?
> >
> > 'cause we already have a spamd running.
> > Anyway, is there any *real* performance difference in running
> > spamassassin rather than spamc from amavis?
> > Or, better question, why should I use spamassassin instead of spamc? :)
> Amavisd pre-spawns spamassassin instances the way spamd do, only a bit
> better... ;)
> Runnin SA from inside amavis, you wouldn't get any performance penalty with
> respect to using spamd, while you gain something in return from their
> mutual tighter integration. The "autolearn" message is an example of the
> advantages you would get.
> This is because amavisd uses the Mail::SpamAssassin interface to
> "communicate" with SA, which is a much broader and fast "channel" than the
> thin and simple one offered by a socket interface.

Thanks Giampaolo for resolving this question, good answer!

Running SA from inside amavisd has the following advantages:

- avoids one message transfer (from amavisd to spamd);
- receives more info from SA, such as individual test scores,
  timing info, autolearn results, headers added by SA, summary
  and report, tags from certain plugins like CRM114,ASN,DCC,...
- can supply more info to SA;
- avoids performing DKIM verification twice;
- can check mail larger than $sa_mail_body_size_limit (truncation)
  and does so without breaking DKIM signature verification;
- tighter time limiting integration (since 2.7.0).


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