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amavis-user: Re: [AMaViS-user] Amavis Crashes on Solaris x86

Re: [AMaViS-user] Amavis Crashes on Solaris x86

From: Mark Martinec <Mark.Martinec+amavis_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Sep 14 2010 - 16:31:33 GMT


> I've changed sa_debug to 1 and log_level to 5. This are the last log
> entries before the crash: [...]
> If needed, I could also provide the complete log file.

Thanks. The 03003-02 is the only one whose log starts early enough
to be informative. A grep on '03003-02' yields the most informative part:

Sep 13 22:04:22 ocswchzrhse01 amavis[3003]: [ID 702911] (03003-02)
  SA dbg: rules: running full_eval tests; score so far=14.435
Sep 13 22:04:22 ocswchzrhse01 amavis[3003]: [ID 702911] (03003-02)
  SA dbg: dns: entering helper-app run mode
Sep 13 22:04:23 ocswchzrhse01 amavis[3003]: [ID 702911 mail.debug] (03003-02)
  SpamControl: rundown_child on SpamAssassin done
Sep 13 22:04:23 ocswchzrhse01 amavis[3003]: [ID 702911 mail.debug] (03003-02)
  child_finish_hook: invoking DESTROY methods

> >> It seems the crash occurs while attempting to extend the
> >> process' virtual memory (the _morecore). Could it be that the
> >> swap space is too small? Or perhaps we are dealing with a
> >> runaway regular expression.
> >
> > Oh, this might be the Actually, this might be an issue with VmWare's
> > memory balloon driver. I'll try first to disable the vmmemctl driver.
> It seems that it's not an issue with vmmemctl (VmWare Balloon Driver).
> I've started the OS without the vmmemctl driver and there is
> definitively no memory issue.

We see the 'dns: entering helper-app run mode', but before SpamAssassin
reaches a 'dns: leaving helper-app run mode' something sinister strikes
and the code aborts, only to be caught by an 'eval' condition handler
at a very high level (in Net::Server).

Between the 'entering' and 'leaving' there is typically one of the
external programs executed as invoked by a SA plugin, such as:
pyzor, dcc, crm114, or Razor2. The first three would create a pipe
and fork/exec an external process. The Razor2 is different, it just
executes perl code within the context of the same process.

The dcc and pyzor would log something like 'dcc: dccproc is available:'
just before 'entering helper-app run mode', which leaves Razor2
as a prime suspect in your case.

It has been reported before that razor agents can cause a crash.
For starters, make sure you have the most recent (yet rather old)
version of Razor2 perl module.


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