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amavis-user: Re: Notifications on banned files

Re: Notifications on banned files

From: Michael Dukelsky <amavism_at_nospam>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2013 - 12:47:33 GMT

Hi Patrick,

On 26.02.2013 1:01, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:

 ??>> Now I tried to send a notification to a sender from my net
 ??>> who has sent a message with a banned file.
 PK> Is the recipient in @local_domains_maps? If not, the recipient
 PK> should _not_ get a notification unless you have deactivated
 PK> $warn_offsite i.e. set it to 1.

I tried it once more and it works as it should, that is the recipient
out of @local_domains_maps does not receive a notification. I should
have mixed the tests, sorry.

 ??>> I tried also to set
 ??>> $policy_bank{'ORIGINATING'} = {
 ??>> originating => 1,
 ??>> ...
 ??>> warnbannedsender => 1,
 ??>> ...
 ??>> }
 ??>> But it looks like the policy bank settings do not influence
 ??>> amavisd. How do I send a notification to a sender only if
 ??>> he is from my net?

 PK> The setting is okay and it should work. How to you route
 PK> messages into the policy_bank ORIGINATING? Maybe the problem is
 PK> the routing and not the policy. p@rick

Oh, sorry, I am a newbie here and I do not know how to route messages
into a policy bank. I thought it is just a reference to an anonymous
Perl hash. How can one route messages there?

Best regards,
Michael Dukelsky