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amavis-user: [AMaViS-user] spam_admin unknown field in policy_ba

[AMaViS-user] spam_admin unknown field in policy_bank

From: Christian Rößner <c_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Oct 08 2010 - 10:55:57 GMT


a simple question:

I would like to notify my postmaster, if some of the MYUSERS users are trying to send spam to the outside. Therefor I modified the policy_bank MYUSERS and tried to add the spam_admin option. Unfortunately amavis is telling me in the logs that this is an unknown field.

Oct 8 12:29:15 mx0 amavis[32204]: (!)loading policy bank "MYUSERS": unknown field "spam_admin"

So, how can I specify spam_admin and how can I enable notification in certain policy_banks?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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