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amavis-user: sa_dsn_cutoff_level,D_REJECT, multiple recipients

sa_dsn_cutoff_level,D_REJECT, multiple recipients

From: Fabio Sangiovanni via amavis-users <amavis-users_at_nospam>
Date: Fri Apr 11 2014 - 06:24:36 GMT

Hi list,

I have a pre-queue configuration based on
postfix, amavisd-new (2.8.0) and
spamassassin. I use amavisd for spam
checks only.
final_spam_destiny is D_REJECT and I have
one recipient (postmaster@mydomain.tld) in

1) when I receive spam with multiple
recipients including postmaster, the
message is not rejected (client doesn't
get a 5xx, as per D_REJECT setting): it's
accepted and delivered to postmaster,
while the sender gets a DSN from amavisd
for the other recipients. Is this the
intended behaviour (it seems more like
D_BOUNCE in this situation)?

2) in the previous scenario, I can't
control DSNs with sa_dsn_cutoff_level.
They are always sent. Is it ignored when
using D_REJECT? is it being considered
with D_BOUNCE only?

3) my ultimate goal is to whitelist
postmaster's address when it's the only
recipient - that is: I'd like to reject
spam in every scenario different from
postmaster being the only recipient. Is
this possibile? Given 1) and 2) I ended up
with a solution that generates
backscatter, and I can't manage to do

Thanks for your support!