Monitor and Diffuse Cyber-Threats with Network Intrusion Detection

EnGarde Secure Linux includes a powerful network intrusion detection system that graphs incoming attacks in real time, enabling administrators to have a clear view of port scans and other attack attempts or precursors. The host intrusion detection system also ensures integrity of system files and prevents stealth penetrations within the system.

With ease, EnGarde can allow you to address all types of access for unprecedented control. For example, classify attacks by destination or type, or depending on protocols, assess them based on TCP, UCP and ICMP. Or if you prefer, use priority-level to assess how your system is holding up over time.

Either way, EnGarde provides a comprehensive outlook on your network so you can scrutinize all activity quickly and easily. In addition to this, you can:

  • Display and graph coverage of any and all attacks or intrusions.
  • Host IDS monitor system files for all unauthorized changes.
  • Use real-time access for comprehensive auditing, diagnostic and log information.

(All images are taken from within a web browser)

Monitor every point on your network.

Firewall Functionality

A staple of any secure system, configuring the EnGarde Firewall through WebTool is a "snap" according to one reviewer. Configuring global settings and adding trusted and un-trusted interfaces become a simple point-and- click operation too, as well as enabling or disabling other services.

Setting up port forwarding rules or blacklists (for hosts and networks), is configured just as easily, allowing for efficient administrative control. EnGarde makes using Firewall functionality simple and effective, while maintaining usability.

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