We want you to know getting started with our Rewards Program has never been easier. This success has been due, in part, to the flexibility, as we want you to know that no hard selling is required. You determine the level of participation. Go ahead and complete the contact form, and we'll have one of our account manager's get in touch with you. They will be your direct contact with Guardian Digital and will be happy to explain the program in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. It's a team effort!

If you're a consultant, you'll probably need some more technical information, which we will happily provide. And obviously, those of you from non-English speaking areas will need to take on a greater role. But remember, whether you just want to provide some referrals and get some quick cash, or you are looking to earn a secondary income, it's all up to you.

Guardian Digital has made joining the Rewards Program as easy as possible

  • Fill in the form and we will contact you.
  • Your personal details are kept 100% confidential and are discussed with no one.
  • Payment is made in US$ and is payable 10 days upon total payment received by the purchaser.

What's the potential?

As you know, you have the opportunity to earn a minimum of $500 or 10% of the total purchase made, whichever is greater. And all that you need to do is promote the value of software you already know and support! This is an opportunity to make some serious cash, promote the value of open source at the same time and do it with nominal effort.

So what's the wait? Let's work together and see what we can do!


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