5.2. Controlling Access by IP Address

WebTool management of system and service access control demonstrates EnGarde's unique commitment to secure administration. By default, services like SSH, SPOP/SIMAP, and FTP have no access granted and the administrator must define the machines and networks that will be granted access to each service. This prevents services from being left "wide open" and therefore vulnerable to attack by requiring the administrator to consider and choose the proper scope of access to each service. Access to services is controlled through the System Access Control Module by selecting Access Control from the System menu of WebTool.

Figure 5-2. Access Control

This page shows a listing of the services which you may control access to. To grant access to a service type an address (ie, or a network (ie, 192.168.10.) into the text box for the appropriate service then click the Add button. To remove access to a service, simply click the entry you want to delete in the appropriate section and it will be removed immediately.