Chapter 9. EnGarde Security the Guardian Digital Way

This Guided Tour of EnGarde Secure Linux is now complete. We hope you have seen how EnGarde makes creating a fully secure Internet services environment simple and straightforward. In the course of this Guided Tour you have:

In the course of the Tour, you have seen how EnGarde Secure Linux begins with secure default settings and guides you through maintaining security as new services are added, configured and managed. You are now ready to begin using EnGarde Secure Linux, the premier open source platform for providing secure services in an insecure world.

9.1. Guardian Digital, Inc.

The first full-service open source security company, Guardian Digital has developed and refined EnGarde Secure Linux in both community and commercially-supported versions since 1999. Guardian Digital's team of professional security engineers are constantly evaluating new developments in IT security and incorporating them into EnGarde Secure Linux with the help and support of the community of open source security enthusiasts.

Guardian Digital offers a fully-supported commercial version of EnGarde Secure Linux. For more information on our commercial products, including WebTool-supported suites for Mail, ECommerce and VPN services, visit the Guardian Digital site or contact as shown below.

Contact Information:

Guardian Digital, Inc.
PO Box 188
Waldwick, NJ 07463
Phone: (201) 962-7300
Fax:   866 625-4728