6.2. Setting up a Mail Server

EnGarde Secure Linux provides all the tools needed to set up secure mail services based on the open source Postfix mail server. In this section, you will create and configure a new SMTP server and add mail recipients to it.

Creating a mail server is similar to creating a Web Virtual Host. From the Services menu, select E-Mail Services, and then click SMTP Server Management. Choose Virtual Mail Domains from the Module menu to see the screen below:

Figure 6-4. Virtual Mail Domain Management

You may now, at your option, enter an email address or local user to receive "postmaster" mail-- mail sent to invalid addresses on your server.

Click Create New Domain and your mail domain can begin creating mail recipients.

To begin adding recipients to your new mail domain, while viewing the Virtual Mail Domain Management screen above click on the name of the domain you have just created (displayed in the Active Virtual Domains box) and you will see the editing window shown below.

Figure 6-5. Edit Virtual Mail Domain

To add a recipient, enter a username in the Address box and enter a recipient address (or local username) in the Recipient box, then click Create New Address.

Your mail server is now configured and ready to use. If you have DNS set up properly you should now be able to validate your changes by sending an email to one of the addresses that you've configured, such as carney@engardelinux.org. If you plan on using your EnGarde Secure Linux server as a mail server, you will probably want to set up SPOP3 and/or SIMAP at this time.