6.4. Setting up DNS Services

Although not all users of EnGarde will need or want to run their own Domain Name server, those who do want complete control of their domain will find it easy to set up a secure DNS server using WebTool. The EnGarde DNS server easily creates and manages both forward and reverse zones and the standard DNS record types, A, PTR, NS, and MX.

To illustrate the simplicity of DNS management in EnGarde, here are the steps you need to take to create a Forward DNS Zone in EnGarde Secure Linux. To configure a complete functioning DNS server, you will also need to create a Reverse DNS zone, and if you are also operating a mail server on your EnGarde server, MX mail records. For details, see the EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0 QuickStart Guide

In WebTool, select Domain Name Services from the Services menu and from the Module menu choose Master Zone Listing, then click Create Master Zone to view the Create Master Zone module screen.

Figure 6-7. Create Master Zone

All you need to do to create a working DNS zone is to enter the Domain Name itself and an email address for zone administration. WebTool ensures that the DNS configuration files are correctly and securely written, disallows zone transfers by default, and makes it easy to restrict queries of the DNS server when needed for additional security.

Click Create Master Zone and your zone will be created. You are now ready to create Reverse Zones and any necessary DNS records. Don't forget that, unless you plan to use IP addresses only, you will need to create DNS records for each Web, mail, FTP and other services you offer, for example ftp.engardelinux.org for your FTP server. If you are running the EnGarde DNS service, you can do this by selecting Domain Name Service from the System menu.