1.2. What You'll Need

The hardware requirements for EnGarde Secure Linux are modest, but you will need to dedicate a computer for use as an EnGarde server since the server cannot be installed on a drive partition. If you wish to simply try EnGarde without installing it to your hard drive, you may choose to create a "LiveCD" EnGarde environment on a bootable CD during installation.

To fully evaluate EnGarde Secure Linux you will need the following items:

Assemble all of the above in one place, connect them all to the network, then boot the server system up off of the EnGarde Secure Linux CD. Once this is all done you may proceed to Chapter 3. If you have a firewall, the "server" machine should be able to communicate with updates.guardiandigital.com on port 443/tcp (HTTPS) for GDSN access.


If you do not have a second machine to install EnGarde Secure Linux on (the "server" above), you may wish to use something like VMware Server for your evaluation.