Chapter 3. Installing EnGarde Secure Linux

Installing EnGarde Secure Linux is rather straight-forward. For the purposes of your evaluation you have two options: installing EnGarde Secure Linux onto your hard disk or running EnGarde Secure Linux as a LiveCD. This chapter will walk you through both of these scenarios and by the end of this chapter you'll be ready to perform initial configuration of your EnGarde Secure Linux server.

3.1. Secure Out-Of-The Box

Many system installations, both open source and proprietary, leave the system vulnerable as soon as the installation is complete and connected to a public network. EnGarde Secure Linux reduces this immediate vulnerability by separating installation of EnGarde on the server from its configuration and administration over a remote encrypted connection and by carefully restricting the services that are turned on by default. EnGarde further enhances initial security of the installation by leaving out unneeded features such as a graphical subsystem or a compiler that could lead to a rapid system compromise.