3.4. Hard Disk Installation

The EnGarde server hard drive installation takes only a few more steps than the EnGarde LiveCD setup. After choosing which language you wish to use, you will be asked to choose a target drive for the installation and can choose to permit automatic partitioning of the drive, or to conduct manual partitioning. You will next be asked to choose which service packages you wish to install, for example a basic Web server and its supporting database server, a DNS server, an email server, or firewall services.

Once this is done you will be asked to input basic network configuration information, or to accept a default IP address and subnet. Make a note of this network information since you will need it to configure and manage your EnGarde server from another PC on the same subnet. The installation will now proceed to completion. When you reboot, you will be ready to log in to your new server using Guardian Digital WebTool and begin initial configuration.