Chapter 4. Initial Configuration using Guardian Digital WebTool

Now that your EnGarde server is installed and running, you are ready to connect to your new server from another PC on your network and configure the server using the Guardian Digital WebTool system administration utility. When you are done performing the basic configuration and reboot your server, you will be ready to set up and run individual services including your Web, mail and FTP servers.

By the end of this chapter you will have a fully configured EnGarde Secure Linux system and will be ready to begin your evaluation.

4.1. Logging In To EnGarde Secure Linux

You must now verify that your EnGarde server is connected to a network and can be accessed from the PC you will be using to configure the server. From your PC, type the following URL into your PC's Web browser:

Replace with the IP address you assigned during installation. After you accept the SSL certificate you may log in using the username admin and the password lock&%box. Please note that the URL is https, which denotes the security of SSL.

You are now ready to proceed with the initial configuration of your server.