Chapter 7. Consistent Security and the Guardian Digital Secure Network

The security of any system is only as good as its maintenance and support. Guardian Digital lifts the burden of maintaining a secure Internet presence by offering each user access to a personal account on the Guardian Digital Secure Network (GDSN).

In this section, you will learn how to access the GDSN to perform system upgrades, apply security patches, and add entire new services to your EnGarde system.

To see what upgrades are available for your EnGarde installation, log into WebTool and select Guardian Digital Secure Network from the System menu, then select Update Agent from the Module menu. The Update Agent screen will display a list of all pending upgrades to your EnGarde system. Just click the Proceed with Upgrades button and your upgrades will be installed.

Installing new packages and services is just as simple. Again select Guardian Digital Secure Network from the System menu and then select Package Management from the Module menu as shown below:

Figure 7-1. GDSN Package Management

Hover your mouse cursor over a Package Name for more information on it and if you decide to install it, it's as easy as clicking a checkbox. For example to install the packages needed to run a BitTorrent server just check the BitTorrent box and click the Install Selected Packages button. You will be taken to the Confirm Package Installation screen displaying the packages you have chosen where you can complete the BitTorrent installation by clicking the Install These Packages button.

This concludes your introduction to the Guardian Digital Secure Network. You now know how easy it is to check for and install upgrades to your EnGarde system and to add services through the Package Management module. You should stay on top of package and security updates by checking the Update Agent early and often!